Monday, March 15, 2010

Dr.Ibrahim Al-Feki

*Doctor of Science from the University of Metaphysics Los Angeles, USA D. Linkin Park is the author for the information of Neuro Conditioning Dynamics (NDC). *Founder and Chairman of the Canadian Center for Human Development (CTCHD). *Founder and Chairman of the Canadian Center for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (CTCNLP). Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the World Ciobs (CIS). *Founder of the power of human energy Power Human Energy (PHE). *Specialist and teacher of Advanced Hypnosis by suggesting the American *Foundation for the hypnosis implying. *The American Academy of hypnosis by suggesting the American Institute in New York Hypnosis implying. *The Canadian Foundation for suggesting hypnosis.*certified trainer inNeuroLinguistic Programming from the American *Foundation for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. *Holds a diploma and 23 of the top three specialties in psychology, management, sales, marketing and human development. *The post of Director-General of several five-star hotels in Montreal - Canada. Has a number of books translated in three languages (English - French - Arabic) *achieved sales of more than a million A copy in the world. *Trained more than 600 thousand people in his lectures around the world *lecturing and training is in three languages (English - French - Arabic). Egypt's former champion in table tennis has represented Egypt in the World *Championship in West Germany in 1969. Live in Montreal, Canada with his wife, Amal, and their two daughters Nancy and Nermin twin.

How Dr.Ibrahim Al-Feki changed my life?

He taught me how to deal with people? And taught me optimism in life. And move forward, always. Taught me not to give up the difficulties and how to overcome them ...


  1. I like this chareters
    because he will chang my life

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